Monday, 26 March 2012

It's what you've been waiting for...

I'm cheating. 

I throw this free concert here in Kingston every year for Earth Hour - Kingston Unplugged. Check it out by clicking on the link. Anyway, It's a shit ton of work and the show is Saturday night. So, this week... since I'm stupid busy, I'm cheating. 

I think you'll like it though as it's a -- da-da-da-da....



 Squealing with delight at the park in Montreal
 Enjoying our early Spring
 Looking CREEPILY like my mother
 Devouring her first strawberry
Protecting her ears from J's music
I think that'll hold you over, yes? New posts after the show, which may or may not include one about NOT running a big event with a new baby.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Looking in the mirror

When you have a baby you're so busy taking care of them, you sometimes forget about yourself. Grooming takes a serious back burner, leaving your legs with a fine layer on them that resembles ancient moss. But we know when our baby daddies look at us, then our legs, then at us with a raised eyebrow, it's time to wax.

And in the middle of the new game "look at da baby, is that a baby?" we play with our newborns, we might catch a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror. If we're lucky we'll notice our eyebrows about to amalgamate and manage to grab the tweezers before we end up looking like Frida Kahlo.

I can't speak for other mamas, but rarely do I take time to look at my feet. That was until last week when I was choosing to avoid paying a real therapist and doing some retail therapy a la shoe shopping. Thankfully I was wearing socks when I placed a delicious shoe on my foot and realized my toe nail was actually touching the leather.

I'll pause for gagging/exclaimation of "ewwww"/vomiting/scrunching of the nose.

So when I returned home, I grabbed my nail clippers, and pulled off my socks to discover I could have descended from trolls and promptly went at them like a gardener would with an overgrown hedge...

Lesson learned: no matter how busy you are with a baby - a little personal grooming is not something to compromise. Pass that baby to Papa and get your ass to a spa! At the very least, lock yourself away in the bathroom for a half an hour every couple weeks ;)

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Baby Brainz Monent #67

Thinking sweet potato was a good candidate for Baby Led Weaning....

#68 - feeding it to Penelope after her shower.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Bat Shit Crazy - Part Two

Okay, I'm sure I've experienced "bat-shit crazy" more than twice since Penelope was born, but today brought on a whole new meaning of the term. 

I had one of those days where my normally inquisitive, attentive, chill baby shifted into an incredibly fussy, please don't put me down or I'm going to scream as you walk down the street/try to have a cup of coffee/attempt to bury your frustration in retail therapy/eat a sandwich, kind of child. 

But this afternoon, as opposed to this morning when I cried twice because I didn't have a pillow to muffle a scream into, I took a different approach.

I talked to her. A lot. 

I sang to her. A lot.

I made faces at her. A little. 

I realized I've become that crazy lady that I used to see walking down the street singing "bom bom  bom bom, boom chica chica" and rocking the stroller from side to side. I remember raising my eyebrow in curiosity. Now, I understand that the woman who is exchanging "ma ma ma ma ma" sounds with a stroller is doing. I have become the woman who is making faces and race car sounds as she runs down the side walk as fast as she can hoping for a single smile or, at the very least, a few minutes of silence... as people in the cars drive by wondering what the fuck I'm on. 

Retail therapy: A new tunic to replace the one that the baby has stretched out attempting to get to boob for the fourth time in two hours, a bottle of red wine to go with the BBQ steak that will become tonight`s comfort food and a pair of amazing shoes on hold - because you shouldn't go broke with retail therapy - but you also shouldn't let an amazing pair of shoes pass you by!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Baby Brainz moment #45

Trying to take pictures of Penelope with the lens cap on. You know you've done it. 

Once I figured that out, and that I needed to press the button that said "on", we got a great shot:

 7 and a half months old and I'm still falling in love.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

leanish meanish mama machine

As I was sitting at dinner the other night, I caught my reflection in the glass door of our dinning room hutch. I couldn't help but think all this baby lifting is paying off, call it narcissistic is you want, but damn, my arms look great! 

Then I looked again and realized that was just singular. Damn, my arm? looks great. It was just my right arm that looked beautifully sculpted and buff on reflection me. What the hell? So I got up and asked Jared to feel my biceps. Upon closer inspection, I realized I am seriously off balance. Right hand dominant much? So much so that in an arm wrestle my right would totally kick my left's ass that's how much. 

Wait. My arm doesn't have an ass... ummm. My right would kick my left's elbow? Okay, what I'm getting here is that I have become Popeye and Olive Oyl rolled into one. My right side, a lean muscular limb that would make Jane Fonda jealous. My left ---
So, here's my test. For one week I am going to attempt to use my left side as much as possible. I realize that it would probably take a month to actually show results but I'm not nearly that ambitious. Truthfully I'm not sure I can make it a day. But here goes...