Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Chair

You're trying to crawl, stand and walk at the same time - which has led me to drinking coffee standing up.

It's really not as satisfying as sitting down in a comfy chair with a steaming mug of java. Instead of reading a book or paper I am reduced to watching the neighbourhood television. I never thought I would long for drama to unfold outside our big living room window, but it's all I've got as you struggle to climb up one leg, thump on your bum, and try again with the other, only to fall over. Again.

I stare longingly at the chair. It's been 25 minutes my love. Don't you want to sit quietly with your books and blocks? It is my birthday after all. Don't you want to give Mama a 20 minute break?

No? We're going to try to crawl again instead? 

As I watch you back yourself into a corner under that delicious looking comfy chair, I realize nap time may be the only time I get to sit in that chair again. I know this is only the beginning  and I have many years of abuse and being treated like a jungle gym ahead of me. But you must be getting tired by now?

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