Sunday, 3 February 2013

The ice slide

We are lucky enough to have a four day festival every year that celebrates all that is winter. Feb Fest is where hockey, public skating and NHL legends (this year was The Entertainer himself, Eddie Shack) meet professional figure skating and live music. 

Oh and Beaver Tails. Mustn't forget the pastry everyone has been raving to me about for SEVEN years. I finally had one. I'm just on this side of meh about it. Give me crepes any day. 

I digress. Feb Fest usually includes snow and ice sculptures and mazes etc. but with the rain we got hit with last week, most of the snow melted and those items got scrapped. (For the second year in a row!)

Two amazing things happened. 1... it snowed all weekend. Fest-ive to the point of beautiful, and 2. they still made the ice slides. Yup, two slides made of ice. Repeat after me. WHEEEEE!

Guess who couldn't get enough?

That thing was so fast. I went down and my heart leaped into my throat as though I were at a water park. I can only imagine how it felt to someone who is so tiny. Gigglicious.

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