Sunday, 28 April 2013

Picture post

Today was our first summer day - yes I know it's only spring, but we could have run around naked quite comfortably. 

Wait. Why do we live in the city again? If we lived in the country we could have done that! 

So, anyway... we spent the day in the back yard doing garden work and playing with the best girl in the world. We took some pictures. Some of them our family will love. The many faces of Penelope is on going however...

 peak-a-boo in the hammock
Rockin' the shades
 It's been a long day, Imma just gonna chill out here for a bit
 Oh hey, something is hilarious...
 wait... no. no it's not
 In fact, I'm a little annoyed you're taking my photo to begin with...
 Okay, screw this I'm going to play with Papa...

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