Friday, 16 August 2013

Night Mama

A tired girl flops on the bed, tucks her head into the crook of her elbow. 
She feels the softness of the blanket coming up around her shoulders, and each corner of it being straightened out to ensure each bit of flesh is covered in comfort. 
A hand rests on her back, reassuringly stroking it up and down, soothing her into slumber.
With a little pat on the bum and a kiss on the head, she hears her daughter whisper "Mama, sleep. Night Mama."

Nothing better than being tucked in by a two year old. <3


  1. This piece of writing makes me look forward to reading a whole book by you. It also brings me into the innocent world of a 2 year old, where bedtime exemplifies the love of a mother. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Anonymous. It was one of the sweetest moments I've had with my recently turned two year old. <3 Some day I hope there will be much writing.