Thursday, 30 January 2014

Top 3 things a toddler can say to make you melt

Can I hold you Mama?

This morning my daughter crawled on my lap and asked, "Can I hold you Mama?" I promptly wrapped my arms around her and nuzzled my face in her neck as she did the same to me.

Then she started rocking. Back and forth ever so slowly. When I stopped she looked at me and asked, "Keep rocking Mama?" So I did. And then she started to sing.

"Rockabye Mama...."

"Penelly keep singing?" she asked unsure of herself. Through choked off tears I replied with a nod. 

I wish I could remember what she sang exactly. It was something along the lines of, "Rockabye Mama in the tree top... wind blows... rocks... down... and all... rainbows... cradle." Which was hilarious and sweet - but then she started making up words like we do with her when we sing her goodnight. She started singing all these things we've said over the past couple months and I sat in awe of how much she truly is absorbing form us.  

Then she asked to go brush her teeth. 


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