Sunday, 24 April 2011

Creepy Bunny Day

So I'm aware in a year or two I will have to succumb to the decorating of eggs, the hiding of eggs and the finding of eggs. 

I'll have to teach my daughter what Easter's really about, talk to her about Zombie Jesus and give explanations of where it all came from before it was even a Jesus day...


(but that's a blog for another day)

This is the last year I can ignore the creepy bunny festivities. 

Yes. I said creepy.

I know we've all been taught to think that the Easter Bunny is some cute fluffy little guy who hops around leaving delicious chocolate and candy eggs for us once a year.

Not so.

Let's think about this just for a moment. 


 Bunny who dresses up and poses as though he is a man

Bunny who dresses up as a man who sneaks into your house

Bunny, dressed as a man, who sneaks into your house who lays eggs everywhere...

sometimes where you won't find them for months... rude

And yes... since we've all had this moment

a little creepy. Where did he get the eggs?

I'm not even posting that image - it's too disturbing even for me. Use your imagination.

Today, in honor of Creepy Bunny Day - I give you a few Easter Bunnies of old. 

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