Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Hi my name is Tricia and I'm addicted to...

... the grill. Yes, that small round thing that you put charcoal blocks into and light on fire. An odd addiction? Maybe. But it's all I want. If it's cooked on the stove, I don't want it. If it's crispy from a toaster oven, I don't want it. Basically, if it doesn't have those gorgeous grill marks on it, I don't want it! Let me put this into perspective for you: A new meat thermometer made me squeal this weekend. In the middle of Winners.

I told you – PROB-LEM.
Now before you chalk this up to pregnancy cravings, please allow me to rewind, and explain. About a month ago we moved into our new house and due to various circumstances we decided to use the small charcoal BBQ we have rather than use the oven (I vaguely remember something about oven cleaner and how toxic it is for babes in womb). I had never really barbecued much before and was delighted that it led to us eating delicious steak for dinner.

A week later I found myself at Old Farm Fine Foods (best local organic meat you’ll find in Kingston outside of the Farmer’s Market) looking for something to grill. Problem was all they had was Fillet Mignon. A fine cut of meat I know… but a little… intimidating to the amateur barbecuer. After many silent mantras, a quick “Om” and a self lecture in fear, I decided, the hell with it... and to just go with it. Okay, really I decided to buy these beautiful cuts of meat, then to go home and research the hell out of how to cook them properly (performance anxiety?).

YouTube video after YouTube video I studied different grilling techniques. BORING. Then I found the greatest website ever (for us BBQ addicts anyway): www.perfectsear.com

Following the instructions and suggested temperature led to us, once again, enjoying a delicious steak dinner. Mind you this wasn’t just any steak; this was bacon wrapped fillet mignon that melted in our mouths. They have links that don’t suck, basic instructions on how to grill everything from sausages (3 different ways) to asparagus to chicken and of course, that phenomenal fillet mignon I told you about.

This website was/is my double edged sword...

Now, I find that, in addition to simply wanting BBQ 5 nights a week, I also want consistency, perfect grill marks, to be able to prepare rare, medium and well done perfectly. This has lead to me coveting a bigger surface to grill on. After sharing my dilemma in attempt to get help, I was told repeatedly to move up from the charcoal and that I should be in the market for a gas/propane BBQ. (Thanks for the support btw). *#&! it. I’m giving in. For now, I’ll indulge my addiction and enjoy the BBQ season… bacon is next...
...but if I end up grilling pancakes on Saturday morning I’m totally blaming you.

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