Friday, 8 July 2011

The nesting begins...

Everyone warned me; all the ladies said it would happen. I doubted it. Yet, here I am, in my kitchen on a daily basis cooking and baking. And I must mention, doing this as I looking out the window at the lovely piece of folk art/bird feeder I purchased (bird feeder? who the hell am I?). This is what they tell me is nesting

Now if only the urge to clean and finish the nursery would hit.

I've made organic brownies, kale chips, a half a dozen different pasta salads, 3 amazing meals a day and I can't seem to stop perusing cooking blogs for bbq side dishes.  As tribute to one of my favorite childhood tarts,  I have decided to tackle my nan's Strawberry Shortcake from scratch (best biscuits ever) for dessert tonight.

Now, having been domestically disabled for a large portion of my adult life, I'd say this is a problem but I'm feeding the wee one great nutritious food, and learning how to cook meals that will save us money, so it's all good. 

One thing I'm not doing though (as it's hot and all I want right now is an endless supply of fruit salad) is cooking big meals that I can take servings of to freeze for after our babe arrives. I've done a zucchini pasta - that's it. 

So I am graciously asking (puuuulllllease *sob *beg *plead) for recipes and meal ideas for August -- what freezes well and is easy to re-serve or what's super easy to make while I'm nursing? aka: starving yet have no energy too cook

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  1. Always a good idea to have snackie foods on hand. I found I never had any time to eat! So stock up on crackers and such. You could always freeze muffins. Have fresh veggies and fruit on hand when the time comes too. Honestly, we went with freezing lasagna, spaghetti sauce, and we ate a quite a bit of chicken deals (like Loblaws or whatever, or minos! Which can be pricey but sooo worth it!)