Sunday, 4 March 2012

leanish meanish mama machine

As I was sitting at dinner the other night, I caught my reflection in the glass door of our dinning room hutch. I couldn't help but think all this baby lifting is paying off, call it narcissistic is you want, but damn, my arms look great! 

Then I looked again and realized that was just singular. Damn, my arm? looks great. It was just my right arm that looked beautifully sculpted and buff on reflection me. What the hell? So I got up and asked Jared to feel my biceps. Upon closer inspection, I realized I am seriously off balance. Right hand dominant much? So much so that in an arm wrestle my right would totally kick my left's ass that's how much. 

Wait. My arm doesn't have an ass... ummm. My right would kick my left's elbow? Okay, what I'm getting here is that I have become Popeye and Olive Oyl rolled into one. My right side, a lean muscular limb that would make Jane Fonda jealous. My left ---
So, here's my test. For one week I am going to attempt to use my left side as much as possible. I realize that it would probably take a month to actually show results but I'm not nearly that ambitious. Truthfully I'm not sure I can make it a day. But here goes...

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  1. side note: I failed but I sprained my right thumb - as if the universe needed to show me my left side wasn't totally useless