Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Looking in the mirror

When you have a baby you're so busy taking care of them, you sometimes forget about yourself. Grooming takes a serious back burner, leaving your legs with a fine layer on them that resembles ancient moss. But we know when our baby daddies look at us, then our legs, then at us with a raised eyebrow, it's time to wax.

And in the middle of the new game "look at da baby, is that a baby?" we play with our newborns, we might catch a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror. If we're lucky we'll notice our eyebrows about to amalgamate and manage to grab the tweezers before we end up looking like Frida Kahlo.

I can't speak for other mamas, but rarely do I take time to look at my feet. That was until last week when I was choosing to avoid paying a real therapist and doing some retail therapy a la shoe shopping. Thankfully I was wearing socks when I placed a delicious shoe on my foot and realized my toe nail was actually touching the leather.

I'll pause for gagging/exclaimation of "ewwww"/vomiting/scrunching of the nose.

So when I returned home, I grabbed my nail clippers, and pulled off my socks to discover I could have descended from trolls and promptly went at them like a gardener would with an overgrown hedge...

Lesson learned: no matter how busy you are with a baby - a little personal grooming is not something to compromise. Pass that baby to Papa and get your ass to a spa! At the very least, lock yourself away in the bathroom for a half an hour every couple weeks ;)

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