Friday, 1 June 2012

Galway, the city I may never leave

I sit with blisters on my happy feet and a glass of wine to my right. Playing in the background is the CD I bought today off of a group of buskers from Portland, Oregan (The Underscore Orkestra) *happy sigh*

Today was an exploration like no other. Sun shining, we decided on a self guided walking tour and ended up seeing almost everything I wanted to in one afternoon. 

Notice the "pedestrian zone" sign. This is an entire area where no cars are allowed. It's brilliant. There are fantastic street musicians all along the cobblestone roads and shops, cafes, restaurants, and pubs. I'm in love. I still need to hit the Latin Quarter and the Market, but we sat in Eyre Square, visited the Galway Museum and walked through the Spanish Arch.

Inside the arch (super cool)
 Oh, and because I know you miss her - Penelope at the Spanish Arch...

Oh, if you were wondering, the Occupy movement is strong here too:

After strolling through the pedestrian way, and making a big giant dent in my Euro budget on delicious picnic type foods, we sat in the grass. Me sipping my latte, Penelope making eyes at the guy with the guitar. 

This was the view to the left....

 and to the right...

See why I'm in love?
It was far too beautiful a day and with rain inevitably in the forecast, decided to head to Salthill. It was a bit of a hike, but worth it! Not only did P snooze the whole time, the second the salt air hit my nostrils it was like I was home again. We've had so many adventures up til now, but today was my first without any frustration or negativity (let's just say the nights have been tough). It's as if the ocean cleansed me. I am hoping for another nice day so we can go back. I would love to see Penelope's reaction to the waves of the Atlantic and build a castle in the sand for her to destruct. 

Tomorrow it's Cliffs of Moher and the Burren. It's a bus tour so I'm hoping it's as exquisite as everyone says.  If not, outside of cycling on the Aran Islands, I'm spending the rest of my time in this incredible city! Hell, I may never leave it. 

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