Friday, 1 June 2012

Bickiepegs: will they prevent blood from being drawn?

Yesterday P and I traveled to Galway, Ireland. Being a travel day, she was on the boob. A lot. Ten months and teething. Ten months and traveling. Ten months and... biting. By the time I had questioned whether or not my nipples were bleeding (for the 7th time) I started to wonder if these brilliant little teething biscuits I found, might be encouraging the chomp factor.
I have discovered Bickiepegs, they are all natural and taste a little like cardboard. Eww away, I think it's pretty perfect since P is constantly trying to eat any paper she can get her hands on. But these are hard, so that she is able to chomp down on them like a teething ring. 

They don't dissolve like the rice crackers, or have all the sugar the MumMums have. But, I wonder, is giving her something that hard and encouraging her to gnaw away on it transferring to when she nurses? I hope not, because I think these things are brilliant and I'm truly hoping they will give her something else to clamp down onto. 

Bickiepegs: will they prevent blood from being drawn? I fear a pump and a bottle may be in our future if not. 

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