Friday, 17 August 2012

Laser Tattoo Removal

I wish I could blame it on baby brain, but it was 10 years before Penelope was born that I met my ex and eventually decided to get handfasted and tattoo our rings. We are both proudly inked, so it seemed fitting. The relationship WAS going to last forever, right? We chose two infinity symbols (Green for the God, Brown for The Goddess) entwined. And because for me it was a symbol of balance, I thought I would always want it, whether forever happened or not. 

Then I woke up one morning and just didn't want it on my finger anymore. I was lucky to have met Todd years ago, and knew I could talk to him about removing it without judgement. My decision to go through with the procedure surprisingly has nothing to do with J, or lil Lope. It has everything to do with me letting go. Letting go of everything that is attached with that tattoo. I'm heading down a new path and embracing change. With one less tattoo. 

Once P's immune system was strong enough she was basically weaned, I made an appointment. It's been a week and I'm already starting to see a difference in the ink. I'm not sure how many sessions I'll need, but Todd (No Regrets in Kingston) is helping me move on, and I can't seem to find words other than a truly sincere "thank you"

If you've ever wondered what the deal is with laser tattoo removal, here's a little video I took of the first session.

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