Saturday, 4 August 2012

Baby Brainz Moment #94 - cell phones

I don't even know if I can blame this on baby brain... this was a true "holy hell, I've become the biggest ditz in the world" moment. And by biggest ditz, I'm talking hollywoodesque-blonde-head-cheerleader-who-says-like-as-every-other-word-and-blinks-at-the-mention-of-anything-of-importance  ditzy. 

On our way to a festival, we stopped for something to eat. P was sleeping in the car, so rather than sit in a stinkin' hot vehicle while waiting for J to get our food, I stood outside. I decided to check my messages and set the phone on the roof of the car while it loaded. 

You see where I'm going with this don't you. And as much as you don't want to believe it, you know I'm writing about it, so it must be true... 

J came out with the food, I got in the car to help arrange the food to make it easier to eat while on the road, and off we went. About ten minutes later we hear a clunk. I looked at J and asked if I could seriously be that spaced that I left my cell on the roof of the car. We called my phone. We didn't hear it vibrate. Praying it got hooked in the roof rack, we pulled over. No such luck.We turned around. We looked for it. Twice. Apparently I really COULD be that spaced.

I now officially hate roof racks. Mostly for not catching my phone when it slid along the roof at 80kms an hour, but also for camouflaging my phone in the first place. Yes, I know, it's really not the roof rack's fault, but the roof rack isn't the one mourning super cute baby pictures, a wicked contact list, and traveling notes, is it?

This is what happens to your brain on babies. 

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