Monday, 12 November 2012

I never thought I'd hear the words...


This from the grown woman who kept a red hula hoop behind her office door for almost a decade! The woman who still has bubbles within an arms reach! And she doesn't want to play?

I shocked myself when I said those words aloud this morning... with a little whine and a little pout to boot. 

After transforming my body into a rocker, an airplane, a bouncy machine and a chair - as we read stories, stacked blocks and found homes for various small items in my pyjamas - I really just wanted my body to myself. If only for ten minutes. 

Once that moment came I was then chased, became the chasee and inevitably it lead to being the source of a morning snack. 

There was but one pee break and even then I was attempting to break off a square of TP with a toddler hanging onto my neck. Yeah. Ever try to pull up your pants with 26 lbs of dangling cuteness? It's not easy. 

More than two hours later I couldn't take it anymore. At the first sign of what sort of, kind of, maybe looked like a little bit, of a yawn I plopped my child in her crib. 

And she cried. At that point, I just didn't care. Bring on a cold cup of coffee,  I was done playing. 

I said I'd give it 5 mintues... it took about 3 until she discovered the bottle I planted in her crib.


She has been asleep for a glorious hour. Let's pray it leads to another.

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