Thursday, 22 November 2012

Maybe we should just cut her across the face - ?!?!

"Maybe we should just cut her across the face," my partner says to me over a bowl of oatmeal. 

After I recovered from the burn that only coffee dribbling out of your nose can produce - mostly from choking back the shock of his choice of words - I realize he's talking about giving our daughter bangs.

As much as I vowed to wait until she was at least three before I started cutting her hair, if at all, I looked at my sweet, mischievous, darling daughter and seriously contemplated taking her for a hair cut.

It's not that I'm strictly against cutting a child's hair, I simply wanted to let her grow into her own style and see what she wanted once she could communicate a little more effectively. However, as I think of her remarkable resemblance to an old family member... 

... I realize she has the strangest hair which grows directly into her eyes. So unless we can get her to embrace wearing a barrette every day, this kid is going to need bangs. 

She's blonde with lose curls, so I'm not at risk for becoming one of those moms who cut their children's hair into a copy cat version of their own. I'm secure enough in my relationship with my daughter that I don't need her to look like a mini me. 

I really want to see what happens with her hair once it grows long enough to go behind the ears, and what she would choose when she starts to discover her own style. On the flip side, today she is sporting a shiny red clip in her hair, which she will yank out twelve times before lunch, and ask to have it put back in (again and again and again), and which may possibly end up in her lunch at daycare. I'm so torn with what to do. Do I just deal with barrettes in my kid's poop or cave and cut her hair?

How old was your child before you took them for their first hair cut?

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  1. Connor's lid was starting to tangle and poke him in his eyes around 18 months I think... gods know we aren't keeping him tightly shorn.