Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Nikon's favorite subject...

In my previous post I mentioned we got a fancy new camera (Nikon 5100). I swear it does everything but make my coffee in the morning.

I know, right?

It's more than a little intimidating but I'm having a lot of fun learning. Photography has always been one of those things I said I always wanted to do, but never did. So, here I am... doing it. 

Having an incredibly cute subject to practice on doesn't hurt :) 

So for all of you who have been bitching at me to post more photos, I give you the Nikon's favorite subject (okay okay, it's ours):

Lady Penelope

The first picture I took had to be of her...
 Apparently J and I both like to ignore the headroom rule...

 love love love these shots... playing with color effects

 Penelope's first game of peek-a-boo
 Sleep with one eye open...
 Lovin' the sheepskin...
 And I leave you with classic Penelope... such a monkey!

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