Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Ancestors, spiders, and biker babies

Hallowe'en is host to many of my favorite childhood and adult memories (even that year I got the broken nose *cough-Naresh-*cough). Getting P into her costume yesterday, I sat and reminisced about heading down to the basement with my big brother. We would sit and sift through the giant trunks and boxes of costumes and accessories my folks had for hours, trying to find that perfect costume. Would it be the wicked witch from Wizard of Oz, long nose and green paint? A creepy clown, or princess? Then we would head out together, parading around the neighbourhood hand in hand with the kids from next door. 

This year I started a costume trunk for Penelope to do the same thing... spider arms and biker boots added from her costumes this year - plus all those wonderful items I happen to have laying around due to my love of all things dress up. Hair extensions, jewellery and veils all got added to the box. I can't wait to add something new every year. It wasn't just continuing this tradition that made this year's Hallowe'en so magical. Watching the kids shyly walk up to our door with a mousey "trick or treat" and being on the other side of dress up was just as much fun.

I knew that I would be approaching this year's Hallowe'en and Samhain festivities from a different perspective, but I didn't realize just how much I would enjoy it. Except for the sugar hang over, it was a fantastic day and night. We even made it to our friend's birthday party after the trick or treaters called it a night.

And now what you've been waiting for, pictures of Penelope in her costumes...

Penelope was such a trooper, attending her first Boo Boo Baby party. 10 adorable babies, all in their plushy costumes. 

 And the babies were lined, row by row ...

Long gone are the days of Krueger and Jason

Penelope's the spider since her name means weaver (It also means duck but Suzanne nailed that costume with her son Ralph, dressing him as the duck and herself as a duck hunter). 

Penelope ended up having a two in one costume since she was wearing black underneath -- with her kick ass new biker boots. Yup - you guessed it....

BIKER BABY! ~or Abel for my SOA girls;)

And now that yesterday is behind us I leave you with the following moment of intense cuteness.

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