Sunday, 13 November 2011

The never ending parade of crap...

When you have a baby there`s this assumption that you need a whole bunch of stuff. From special seats for bathing and play mats with fancy arches, lights and mirrors, to 'Sophie' and teething bling for Mama. From the sleep sheep to the latest swing that simulates babe's days in the womb, it's a never ending parade of crap that marketers tell you will help you be a better parent. We're told that we need this stuff to stimulate our babies, in order for their development to be on track; to make parenting easier.

Congratulations new parents! You are now a niche market. 

I personally feel that all our babies need is the human experience ~ tagging along with us every day is going to teach them how to use their senses. (Remember, P is only 3m.)

It almost seems as though it would be easier to not get any of it. Some days I think, wouldn't it make more sense just to get down on the floor with her on a bright quilt with a toy and a book? Let's just read to her in silly voices and have J play her guitar, rather than try to figure out which play mat is made from decent fabric and materials (preferably not in China), that has arches that will stay up, and toys that will encourage her to play on her tummy. 

Because I'm borderline OCD and slightly neurotic, I end up analyzing each item. Which of these items do we really need? Am I going to pay less attention to my daughter because of this thing? Or, am I simply going to be able to have a shower and eat something when J isn't home? :)

I'm trying soooo hard not to buy into the BS that I need any of it. J helps - when I mentioned the Giraffe (Sophie) to help with the teething that has just begun, he went down to his workbench and made teething rings out of a beautiful piece of untreated wood we had.

It was Thursday afternoon that I surrendered.

I did it.

I bought a Bumbo

I'll admit I thought they were ridiculous when I first saw them. Not to mention, the thought of spending 60+ dollars on a piece of moulded polyurethane made my eyes roll so far back in my head I got glimpses of my frontal lobe. But, when I saw a little flat spot on P's head while perusing the Kijiji ads for a breast pump, I found myself looking for the seat that will let her sit up... without the back of her head resting against something. 

Now that I've given in, what color do I want? 

The shade that's only $20 please. 

So there we have it, the acquisition of our first trendy baby product.

And damn it if she doesn't LOVE it.

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  1. oh my god!!!!!!! she is so freaking cute i can't handle it. she looks like a little person all of the sudden! xoxooxo love auntie T