Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A picture's worth a thousand words, right?

I debated whether or not we would "do" Christmas this year. I'm pretty simple - celebrate the Winter Solstice, have a nice feast with family and call it a year. But, since our family is such a mix of culture and tradition I figured Penelope may benefit from learning about not only Yule but Christmas and Chanukah as well. And then I started thinking about HOW we were actually going to celebrate the holidays. Do we celebrate all three? How do I go about teaching her about festival of lights, celebrating the moon, honoring the sun and seasons, and the parallels with Christmas - let alone the bs associated with Santa. (Yes, she'll be told it's a dude in a suit). It's so much!

And then I remembered...

She's a baby.

So this year, we'll have a Yule feast for me and we'll have a small stocking exchange for J on xmas morning. And that's it. 

And really, nothing can compete with the lovely insanity that was yesterday: Penelope's first "A very baby Christmas" party!

A picture's worth a thousand words right?

Need I say more? 



  1. Your daughter will learn your traditions simply because you follow them and bring them into her daily life...she will see, she will watch, she may do, or she may not. As for the old dude in the suit, we call him the Yule King ;)