Friday, 30 December 2011

sparkly tights and all

I am sure I have vented about (made fun of, ridiculed and teased) people who spend copious amounts of money on their kids for an outfit they will wear only once. 

No? huh. I totally thought I would have. I personally chose to spend my money on things like new winter boots, snow tires, groceries, sushi lunches and lattes - you know stuff that matters (grin) but hey - to each his own.

But you know, dressing P up for J's family's formal holiday festivities helped me to finally get it. It's fun to get all dolled up, and it really is fun to get the babe dolled up with you! If you have the disposable income - why the hell not go all out. You only get to treat your kid like a doll for what, a year? MAYBE 2 before they start insisting on dressing themselves? 

But you don't HAVE to spend the equivalent of your oil bill on an outfit. This is what I did - I found a dress on consignment (BNWT) for only 10 bucks. Normally I wouldn't even spend that much since she's only going to wear it once. But, I justified the purchase with plans that it will end up being an art piece in her nursery with a giant vintage frame I found. So, even Penelope was dressed to the nines for the holidays!  

She was in full princess mode...

Seriously - the dress was actually called a Cinderella dress! (Who the hell am I and what have I done with my former self)

I caved and bought the sparkly tights. (I know, I'm a sucker for sparkles) And yes, they were almost as much as the dress. 

So, thanks to the shoes being courtesy of a hand me down, P ended up being super fancy and adorable for less than 20 bucks. If I had have just stuck with the hand me down tights and a 3 dollar Value village dress, we could have done this for under 5 bucks. 

See, we really can treat our babies like big dolls and not go broke doing it.

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