Tuesday, 29 May 2012

London Calling

Penelope and I are on an adventure. 4 weeks in Europe. We've been all over London on a crazy Classic Rock Tour (Jimmy Page's house is amazing). We went to Bath to remember the Romans and climbed the Tor and drank from Chalice Well in Glastonbury. We've greeted the sun and kissed the stones at Stonehenge and walked the circle at Avebury.

I've had to cut one thing out of almost each day we've been here, as I think I forgot you need to add so much time to your journeys when you have a baby with you. But, I think it's going okay. Now. Penelope's jet lag has finally eased, as has mine. We've had some ups... and plummeting downs, like Penelope barfing all over our rental car (yes I braved the other side of the road), walking unknown streets at 3am to put P down, learning to communicate with new people, and if I'm being honest, a couple good cries and a little bit of doubt about doing this trip without J.

It's amazing what sleep dep and not getting any time alone will do to your emotions. Today I feel really great about our trip and today... today I will get two glorious hours alone! My little Poppet has finally taken to her aunt, so she'll spend some time bonding with her and I think I may eat a meal by myself. Maybe read, maybe write, maybe just stare into a glass of wine and sit with my own thoughts.

I am trying to take notes of things we experience so I can sit down and really write at some point. I've started a book, "Letters to Penelope" but I've only managed to write in it twice. It may take getting to Scotland before I can really sit down and have a go at it.

It's been a wild and busy week. But I'm happy we're doing this together. Today is our final day in London, before heading to Ireland with a quick stop in Wales along the way. I'm looking forward to just being on the coast for a week and connecting with the land. I'm letting go of any expectations and just enjoying the journey.

So, before you tell me I'm crazy for embarking on this trip to Europe with a 10 month old in tow, tell me why I'm not. I'm not crazy for wanting to see the world. Am I? I'm not crazy for wanting to share it with my daughter. Am I? I'm not crazy for living. being. breathing. loving. Am I?

Okay, maybe I'm a little crazy but in the end I'll be so happy that we did this while we could.


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