Monday, 30 May 2011

Being thrown to the wolves...

So this weekend was the "In Law" Baby Shower – which was great; it was nice and intimate: just me, my sister in law, my partner's step mom, a couple of his aunts and my mother in law - along with 20 of her closest friends. Seriously. It was essentially a house full of people I've never met before! I'll admit, going in, it felt a little bit like I was being thrown to the wolves. 

I was pleasantly surprised that their teeth weren't quite that sharp (although one or two had tongues that were). They all had advice to give. Some of it was great... amazing even. Some of it was a little presumptuous considering they hadn't met before and were completely ignorant to who I am as a person and what my perceptions in life are. But such is the generation gap. 

These women have all done this before, so I listened and filed as much of their knowledge away as I could, adding to my reserve bank of all things baby (hey I might need that advice later). For the most part they were super sweet and giving. And, even though I was exhausted, I ended up leaving the shower with all my limbs and only a couple claw marks.

Not part of the pack. But not dinner either.

Teasing  ;) 

Our little girl is so blessed to have these women come and spend an afternoon to celebrate her. I only wish J could have been there with me. 

An interesting moment at the shower for me though ~ a lot of women made some sort of negative reference to this couple in Toronto and/or joked about us raising our child genderless or naming her Storm. This was a highlight for me because, as I mentioned above, most of these ladies have no idea what I'm all about...

(open arms, "welcome to the family" still apply? lol) ...

So rather than get into a debate or go on a a huge rant about this, (which I won't do here either, as everyone else in the country already seems to have done that) I listened with mild annoyance and heightened amusement to their assumptions and judgement... while imagining their reactions to my response if I were to give one. hehe 

I actually need to stop for a second and give myself a little pat on the back for behaving myself as well as I did... 

*pat *pat 

"way to go Tricia!" 

*high five 

Okay I'm done. Carrying on... 

I am going to go on record by saying this:

1. I ADORE the name Storm (something to do with my love of the Orisha Oya or my fascination with the super powers of the X-Men) and might actually consider it as a name if J would let me.

2. I  think what they are doing, albeit extreme, is pretty awesome. (Read the mom’s response to the frenzy that came after the article in the Star. She’s incredible.)

3. While I was opening gifts, one of my partner’s aunts actually said that if she knew it was a girl she would have bought a more gender specific gift… proving right there that this couple has a valid point! How are beautiful organic cotton crib sheets, safety locks and receiving blankets not appropriate for a girl? Plus, and please note I am not ungrateful for the wonderful things our babe has received but, if i get one more pastel pink hat or onesie I may vomit or start to tie-dye everything.

And, just for the record... our baby girl got her first truck at the shower! 

A big wooden crane. No dolls.

AWESOME. Totally *@&*!)#! awesome.

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