Saturday, 15 October 2011

aaaah CHOO!

Looks like we brought home more than a new harp last weekend. (Only we would go to the woods and end up bringing home a freakin' harp, but that's a story for another day.) We also brought home the bug. The inevitable first cold has arrived. As has the never ending river of snot. Maybe I should make that a never ending bubbling brook of snot.

Sorry, I just don't know how to put it any other way. I mean, it really is more like a brook... at first it trickles down just a little at a time, then has a steady consistent stream and is topped of with a bursting white cap. And this just keeps happening over and over again. Who would have thought that "aaaah choo" sound from a tiny babe would end up leading to the most disgusting display of mucus. If we're really lucky we get a thick stream of green.

I never really understood people who talked so incessantly about their children's bodily functions, but now I get it... misery really does enjoy company. :) It's nice to have you along while I'm dealing with my first bout of gross baby oozes.

Dealing with her cold this week has also demonstrated just how deeply I have fallen in love with this creature of mine. Not because my clothes are covered in crusted bits and dried spit up (really what's not to love about that) - but because every time she whimpers to let me know she feels like shit, or sticks out her tongue when she lets out that tiny little cough my chest tightens and all I want to do is make her feel better. Poor little monkey. All I can do is hold her, try to comfort her, and, as many of my friends have recommended, "boob, boob, boob".
Funny, boobs really can make everything all better.

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  1. Hope she's feeling better. Don't forget to that you can suction her nose if it gets too clogged up and hard for her to breathe. Good to know for the future if anything. I think they are called aspirators.