Thursday, 20 October 2011

Could this be the secret to a full night's sleep?

Could it really be true? Are disposable diapers the secret to getting a full night's sleep? We are cloth diaper users all the way - to the point where we actually weighed the pros and cons of using them when we went camping. The disposables won out in the end, although I have a feeling if it had been summer, and not quite so cold at night, cloth would have taken the victory lap on that one.

I thought she had been sleeping so well while we were camping because of all the people (a lot of stimulation) and all the fresh air. I know I sleep amazing after a day spent outdoors. Now I am beginning to question whether or not those long stretches of slumber may have had something to do with our babe not being wet. 

While we were in the woods, we missed our diaper drop off/pick up. Yes, we are spoiled and use a diaper service, we saved up the money from our baby showers and got a 10 week trial. Missing our weekly exchange lead to us running out of doubles for nighttime. Since it was only a day until we received a new bag, we decided to dip into our travel diaper stash just to use overnight, saving the last few cloths for during the day. 

What happened? Penelope slept a glorious 6 hours straight! Then, another 5 hours with just one wake up for a quick boob fix.

So, I have decided to experiment: one week using the Seventh Generation diapers overnight and cloth diapers through the day, and one week using the double stuffed cloth diapers.
Our trial for the diaper service runs out afterwards, so it's as good a time as any to test our theory. We're on day 3 of the great diaper experiment and she's sleeping pretty great - we'll let you know how the rest of it goes.

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  1. I use disposables at night. (well not me personally, but Abby when she was in diapers and now Lochlan) And then the cloth during the day. It had a lot to do with Abby leaking though and waking her up as a result. But I can see the wet bum and chilly part for sure.

    Because Lochlan was so small for so long, he couldn't fit into the cloth diapers correctly so I grew accustomed to the disposables and have to remind myself to put him in cloth these days. Which is strange for me since I was always so hard core cloth when Abby was a baby.

    Good luck!