Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Camping for dummies

The grain is cut, some for bread and nutrition, some to be stored away to use as seeds next spring, creating new life. It's a time for sacrifice, transformation, death and rebirth! We're off to Harvest Fest, an amazing weekend in the woods with tribe, to celebrate and give thanks to our Corn King for an abundant harvest. 

Wondering what's up with the clothing shots? We decided since it's P's first Harvest, we should make onesies to mark the occasion. In the process, I found a new hobby (screen printing is way more fun than I thought it would be) and hopefully ended up with a really great product to sell at Harvest Fest.


But it's not just Harvest, and it's not just a festival weekend.

It's also this new family's first camping trip. 


Should be easy enough to pack for since Penelope's only a couple months old, right?




Yeah, um, no.


Today saw two drawers of clothing carpet the nursery floor, me give up on the idea of camping with cloth diapers, and Penelope squirm with every pitiful attempt I made to see if stuff might still fit, or if during her growth spurt she managed to grow into some of the warmer clothes. 


Long sleeve onsies, jeans, sweaters, dresses, hats, knitted booties, blankets, receiving blankets... 




I was lost. What DO you pack when it's going to be 4 degrees at night and 26 through the day? 


A wise friend told me, "Pack everything... and a baby carrier".


She's done this before. 



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