Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Well, we made it! Our first camping adventure was amazing. Although it wasn't looking as though it would go that route; it didn't even look as though we would get to Fest. We had booked an appointment to get our hitch put on with U-Haul a week before. They were aware that we were hoping for an earlier appointment. Hell, we even called every day to see if the hitch had arrived early by chance. 

So what happens? Morning of departure: Phone rings. Jared answers. U-Haul is on the line saying "Hello, Mr. MacKay? We're sorry, your hitch didn't arrive in time for your appointment this morning."

I'm giving them a big thank you in the form of a Johnny Cash one finger salute on Twitter for not telling us that there was a chance it wouldn't get here in time. 

Jared, being the calm, uber chill, relaxed guy that he is, gets on the phone to every Canadian Tire in town, finds a hitch, gets a mechanic to take pity on us and has it installed (for cheaper) within two hours. He always says "everything always works out". I guess I should start believing him. 

Turns out U-Haul follows their customers on Twitter, as I got an "oh no! Is there anyway we can contact you to fix this?" tweet... at 4pm.

uh huh.

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