Friday, 6 January 2012

Beware the Jolly Jumper

So my girl loves her Jolly Jumper. 

We've had no problems with it, until yesterday. I try to do 10 curls (biceps) with Penelope in the jumper before I attach her. Well, what happens as I carry her over to the spring in the middle of our door frame? At number 7 she falls to the right a bit... because one of the cords broke. It just snapped. Thankfully there are about 4 other safety mechanisms and 3 other straps with a JJ but SHIT! Could you imagine if that happened while she was jumping?

Hello baby's head, meet the floor!

Advice to parents, check the four straps that hold the seat to the bar on a regular basis, especially if you buy one second hand. My heart is only just starting to think about beating again.

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