Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Mombies Unite

I guess it's what I get for calling the blog "Baby Brainz".
Mombies unite! You know what I'm talking about. We're the women behind you in line at the grocery store with the frazzled looks in their sleep deprived eyes. The ones you try to talk to but notice her eyes glazing over mid sentence. The ladies who seem to be set on repeat as all you get is, "oh, we're great, she was just up every hour or two for the past couple nights. Other than that things are wonderful". mmm hmmm. We know we're not fooling anyone. We do know, we're quickly transforming into Mombies. It's only a matter of time.
As I sit here, with my third cup of coffee, Penelope is sprawled across my lap snoozing contentedly. If only I could go back to sleep with her. Why is it once I cave and realize I'm not going back to bed and give in and drink coffee she falls asleep? This has conspiracy written all over it. 

She's been up every night for the past week EVERY two hours. It's like we've got a newborn again. I've actually started reading The Baby Whisperer. The Baby Whisperer!! What's up with the 6m no sleep phase? She wakes up and won't go back down without boob. There's got to be something else besides twisting my body like a circus performer to get her to settle again.

The only thing we can figure is that she is seriously teething. Bumps come up, bumps go down. She hasn't cut any teeth yet, but the drool is there. The chewing on everything like she's a basset hound is happening. The biting my nipple has become a favorite past time (&*@#!) and she is sucking in her bottom lip like a horse chewing on hay. But still no teeth.

At 1, 3 and 5am there are moments where I just can't deal and plant my face firmly into the pillow for a moment's scream. Or, I conveniently have to pee and get J to pick her up and bounce her until I can come give her the boob. Taking that time on the toilet to just sit for a minute and breathe. I know, it's a weird spot to breathe ujjaya style but some nights it just needs to be done.

The lack of sleep's starting to take it's toll. Through the day my patience wears thin so much faster. Why won't she stop grabbing at everything? What's with the mini screeches every so often? Must you fling food across the room? Yes, I know... because she's a baby! I get to this point where I'm not sure what to do in order to function properly until she gets past this stage...

... then she wakes up from her nap, opens her eyes and looks around. Her eyes settle on my face and she gives this massive (still) toothless grin, just for me, and I'm putty - knowing I'll put up with anything for her. And trusting in all the parents that have done this before me, that it will get better.

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