Wednesday, 18 January 2012


I woke up this morning to sunshine and, having finally slept more than 2 hours, a smile. I figured it was a beautiful morning so driving to yoga was out of the question. I got both P and myself bundled up to brace the wind. I was pumped. We were both layered and warm despite the cold and I figure walking in the sun would make it even more lovely of a morning.

dot. dot. dot.
Have you ever walked on Kingston's sidewalks? Now, if you know me, you know I love me some City of Kingston employees ;) but I swear the City has never heard of sidewalk snow removal. I was trekking along when pavement suddenly transformed to ice rink. As I was holding on to the stroller for balance for the 19th time, I started thinking, there's gotta be someone dressed as a giant children's character on skates somewhere and looking over my shoulder for Miss Piggy. Mickey? Smurfs? Cinda&#%@rella? (That was for those of us who grew up with Pretty Woman.) 

I thought just for a moment that maybe I had been sucked into some warped dimension where strollercapades had become the latest form of entertainment. Is some guy going to come over a loud speaker booming, "And featured at the corner of Barrie aaaaand Princess, Theeee Ladeeee Penelopeeeee!!!"? Am I going to come across Sophie the Giraffe doing a triple axle?

Welcome to Strollers on Ice.

It got to the point where it was taking so much effort not slipping, and strength to push the stroller through and over patches of frozen slush and patches of ice that I ended up just walking in the road. So, rather than just rant about the City's lack of sidewalk snow removal I started thinking about ideas on how to deal as I walked home. TADA! The following was born. (Thanks to a fellow blogger for the thermos idea!) 

  1. Having a bunch of stuff in the basket of the stroller to help weigh it down should help with traction. 
  2. Fill a large thermos with boiling salted water instead of coffee. I know what you`re thinking: SACRILEGIOUS! But, as someone else has pointed out to me, you can use the water to clear the path if or when you get stuck. This is a good thing. Plus you now have an excuse to stop for a latte on your journey.
  3. Spray heavily salted water on your stroller wheels.
  4. Invest in a pair of ice cleats. I got a pair last year when I was pregnant, for fear of falling and they work really well. You can get them at MEC, or in the city at Trailhead. Guess I should dig those out of storage tonight.
If you have any suggestions please share, with the winter weather just starting, they can only help. Walk safely.

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