Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Love Child

Happy day of da lub!
We don't really "do" Valentine's Day. I personally feel like it's one of those overly commercialized holidays;  I'd rather you tell me you love me every other day of the year. In fact, you should give me flowers every day except February 14th. Yeah, do that. I also refuse to shave my legs for the big "date"... screw you Hallmark and La Senza, it's not happening.

But, when it comes to getting an invite to play with 16 other babies and their mamas, and sample their homemade snacks and deserts, I'm all in! Please repeat after me: brownies, strawberries and daiquiri cake! I know, tough decision huh? 

Plus, it gave me an excuse to dress P in her Johnny Cash t-shirt ... what? it has a heart!

Spreading the joy and sharing the love
After sufficiently stuffing my face to the point where I risked looking like I was eating for baby #2, it was time for pictures 

and some snuggle time...

turns out Penelope is as impressed with Gavin's advances as one could expect at 6 months

Baby's first date?
Look at that attitude! Gods help me, we are in for the ride of our life.

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