Thursday, 23 February 2012

Tooth goes up, tooth goes down....

Today I was supposed to have a laser "procedure", and I have never been more grateful for a surgery to be moved. It's not that I was scared; I'm actually looking forward to having a healthy cervix again - yeah, call that your TMI moment of the day. No, today wasn't about being scared, I just wouldn't have been able to handle Penelope. At all.

Today you see was the day I lost it. It's only the 3rd time since I've given birth to my sweet little red cheeked, drooling, biting, shrieking in her sleep, chewing my face, bundle of joy that I've put her in her crib and went in search of something to smother a scream. Yes, the pillow really and truly IS a new mother's best friend. 

This by the way makes me a good mother. Because after the day of the fussing, the biting, the screaming, the pulling, the biting, the crying...


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