Sunday, 7 August 2011

dancing in the grass... it's what we do.

Forest City Lovers is a band that I listened to a lot while Penelope was still in the womb. When I heard they were playing the Wolfe Island Music Festival, I said if she came early we should try to go. I know, it seems ambitious after only two weeks... but she did. So, we did. Stroller loaded (with way more baby gear than we needed), a picnic lunch packed and festival tickets in hand, we had our perfect Saturday afternoon on Wolfe Island.

Music that makes you feel, feet in the grass, a cool breeze threatening - but not delivering - rain, sunshine stealing a moment through the clouds, and my babe on my chest dancing...

And it was all thanks to a pair of ear muffs ...

...and an incredible partner making it happen! Penelope and I were able to dance to FCL together, but this time with her in my arms. This was the best possible antidote to post partum; I've never known bliss like this.

Jared also got to have his first dance with his daughter and Penelope got to rock out at her first music festival at just two weeks old. And by "rock out" I mean sleep. We are so incredibly lucky (please don't jinx us please don't jinx us) to have such a good baby. She was content just to be hanging out and oggled over. We got to stay through The Wooden Sky and Jenn Grant before she got squirmy. PS I love you turned out to be her limit for loudness and we thought we should probably quit while we were ahead so we packed up and headed home. 

When I think back to when J and I started dating and all the times since then that we've danced together in the grass to these great live bands, it only seems fitting that this would be Penelope's first big outing. Dancing in the grass... it's what we do. 


  1. nice earmuffs! glad you guys had a blast!

  2. A friend of mine has those ear muffs for his daughter too. Love it. Need to get some for Lochlan.
    Glad you had a great time. What a great memory.