Saturday, 27 August 2011

What do you do when you miss the photo op?

Let's face it, every parent believes that their child is the cutest/most clever/funniest babe. I am no exception. I think Penelope was born smiling. She's had this really sweet smile since day 2, and she has a goofy face she makes when I'm nursing, or I should say when she's thinking about latching on but wants to bob for boob and play with it a bit first. Sorry folks, I'm not up to posting a picture of that (yet) :)

Yesterday, however, we were treated to a full on smile. I'm talking open mouthed-tongue sticking out in laughter-eyes lit up-complete with an adorable little giggle-smile! Both Jared and I got to see it, which was wonderful since you always hear about one parent missing the "firsts". Of course by the time we got the camera she had given us a few amazing grins and decided to stop at 4.

Before we could get a picture. 

So what do you do when you miss the photo op? 

Wait for it to happen again and grab the camera during the first smile, not the 3rd ;) and just keep clicking - over and over - until you get the shot.

The cool thing is when you do this, you end up with a series of photos of the cutest/most clever/funniest babe in the process of executing a first... this case, her hilarious little grin. 

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