Friday, 5 August 2011

eat, poop, sleep

I'm still working on writing our birth story but my creative juices seem to flow just when Penelope decides to take one of my nipples hostage. You'll have to settle for these short and sweet blog entries for now. At least until she starts napping longer... or I stop trying to nap with her.

That's pretty much my life over the past two weeks. Both Penelope and I seem to have fallen into a rhythm where we eat, poop and sleep (she's totally got the upper hand on the sleep). I can't complain though, she's a really good baby for the most part. She gets a little fussy sometimes with her feeding - like it's too much for her - but other than that she's a rockin' lil noodle!

We have gone out with her for short trips to the grocery store, Canadian Tire, and the nursing wear store (the gals are all grown up lol) and she loves the car... no fuss. We've walked around town with the stroller and she digs the pram - especially when J rocks it - she's so spoiled already! We adore her and hopefully the smiles she throws our way means she returns the feeling, although it could just be gas.

Speaking of which *phew* whoever said newborn poop doesn't smell has not met my child. 

... she's stretching and lookin' around for one of the gals so I must end the Penelope update for today. Know she is doing well, we are doing well and falling in love as a family every day!

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