Monday, 29 August 2011

Trying to cook with a newborn

About a year or so ago a friend of mine was at her wits end and overwhelmed in the kitchen. Having a two year old was proving far too difficult when preparing meals (that were big enough to freeze so she didn't have to cook every day) and not necessarily being overly domestic, she had no idea how to make half the stuff she wanted to (nor did she know her way around the kitchen). 

Enter: the blog. (

She asked for ideas and got some great recipes and meals that were super easy to make, freezable and delicious.

Me? I know my way around a kitchen. Well, I'm learning the route anyway... cooking was the only "nesting bug" I seemed to get when I was pregnant. But I am lost for freezable meal ideas outside of stew. 

Here's the thing: we have a farm share from Root Radical. It's fantastic, but we can't seem to eat the veggies fast enough. Even after giving a friend bunches of beets and a couple cabbages to make borscht, (yum!) they are still overflowing from the crispers in my refrigerator.

Plus, I have a newborn who is not a fan of being put down for a long length of time, so I need to be able to wear her while I'm cooking. This means limited canning and NO sauteing, it's a little like cooking bacon naked. ;) Seriously... J wore her while we canned beans last week and I was a wreck having her so close to the stove.

I have two delicious salad recipes that have come in handy (recipes below), which I managed to make while Pene/Elly/Lope was asleep in the carrier (recipes here) but I'm clueless as to what to make for meals and/or side dishes. I was thinking of caning baby food but apparently that is a big no no because of spores. Squash, carrots, tomatoes and onions are abundant right now... have a recipe for me?

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