Thursday, 3 May 2012

A letter for Penelope: NOT THE BOOKS!

Dear Penelope, 

Now that you've learned to crawl, and pull yourself up enough... You've also learned how to get at all the lovely things Mama owns, and quickly pull them down to your level. And even through dug up plants, broken ornaments and chewed records, she realizes it's all part of the process.  You're turning into a toddler.

Until this morning. This morning mama has admitted defeat and is now trying to find every possible baby proofing object she can find. All to save the books. 

Short of mounting the bookshelves 3 feet off the ground, she doesn't see how it's possible to save the covers of her favorite novels from being ripped off and sections of paragraphs from being devoured. At this rate mama's going to be digging sentences out of your diaper.

At least you have good taste in fiction:


  1. ha ha...oh sorry. It's not meant to be funny! But I can so relate. I've given up trying to keep a tidy house.

    It's DVD's for us that immediately come off the shelves and get scratched rather than the books but anything goes for Lochlan really.

    Wait til she starts pushing the chairs around and standing up on them to reach things. And then when you ask her what she's doing? (standing on a chair by the stove with a pot and a spoon) she'll say "cook!"

    Yeah that's good times too!

  2. We are JUST starting to bring some of the less fragile things out of the dreaded back bedroom.