Monday, 14 May 2012

Mother's Day FAIL

Welcome to the Mother's Day FAIL blog, where one mama cried. A lot. Then had a nice big drink. Twice.

One dreams of the perfect Mother's Day. Especially her first. One where she sleeps in, is served hot coffee in bed, and stumbles down to breakfast already served on the dining room table.

The day will consist of being showered with love and devotion. Mama will finally get an hour, maybe two, all. to. herself. 

The day will not include errands that need to be done pre-Europe trip.

It will not have a screaming baby who is teething. It will not have a baby who is teething AND suffering from hand, foot and mouth disease.

Mother's Day definitely will not have a moody, cranky, sick baby daddy.... who is also suffering from hand foot and mouth disease. More like foot in yer arse disease

And it will not, I repeat will not see Mama eating her Mama's Day BBQ at the dining room table all alone because baby daddy has the chills and is curled up in the fetal position waiting for his fever to break.
BD tells me we'll try again next weekend. ;) Even feverish he's sweet, I'll give him that.

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  1. At least your hubby had a excuse for not doing anything for mothers day. My hubby just did not know. His first fathers day, a power point presentation card with lots of really cute photos of his son and a few photos of him helping me out at the beginning, with a going out to his favourite restaurant to finish the evening. What did I get "sorry I did not know"..... crap.