Thursday, 10 May 2012

The night of her first...

Meet my daughter Penelope.  

Otherwise known as my night terror. It's 3am and I have just allowed my couch cushions to swallow my screams. I haven't punched anything yet, but if she doesn't sleep soon, that poor chair is gonna get it.

It's now 5am and I'm pretty sure I have a small bald spot from where I've tugged at my hair because I can't do anything else when she is in my arms but that, and maybe cry. Honestly, I think I'm too tired to even produce tears.

Those were just a couple moments from the terror night. I won't lie, it was brutal. These are our nights. Since she was 4 months old we've had a couple of them each month and they test our patience beyond what we ever thought possible. Last night was no exception. J and I snapped and yelled at each other in frustration, then clung to each other tightly hoping to get some sort of calm. I'm glad it's morning and Penelope has finally gone down for a nap. 

I have had too much coffee to go back to sleep with her, but I'm grateful for what could be another half hour of silence before she wakes. I know I'm not alone in this; I know other mamas who have it even worse. All I can do is look on the positive side, which was the 2 hours we spent together this morning. 

I let her crawl around nude, while she laughed, stopping to play her keyboard. I fed her berries while I had breakfast. I felt a sharpness against my finger that was ungodly painful. It was Penelope biting down on my finger, missing her latest berry victim. (Seriously she looks as though she has murdered the bowl of fruit)...

"Could it be?" I ask myself, afraid to get too excited for fear of deep disappointment. As I reach my finger into her mouth again, I feel it. A TOOTH! Let the band play people, we finally have a tooth! After 5 months of teething rings, crackers, ice cubes in facecloths, her massaging her gums on my nipples, homeopathic tablets and capsules, we finally have a tooth! 

So last night was brutal, but at least there was an obvious reason for it. I'm going to call this one a success.

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  1. Yay for a tooth finally!!!!! I always find I'm way too amped up after a night like that to have that morning nap with them, so I hear ya!! Soooo glad you finally got a 'result' from all that fuss!