Thursday, 19 July 2012

Baby Brainz Moment #74 - Pre Baby Jeans

This morning I put on the jeans I wore before I got pregnant and... well...

.... they fit over my thighs! I know, exciting!

I was a little nervous to attempt the button, but much to my amazed stretchmarks, they actually buttoned up relatively easily! I couldn't believe it! I officially proclaimed myself to have lost my baby weight and spent the next ten minutes strutting around the house in my PRE BABY jeans and a bra like I was someone who should be in the latest issue of Maxim.

Then I looked in the mirror... 

Huh. Not quite how I remembered them fitting.

Then I turned around... 

Really? THAT'S what my ass looks like now?


Fuck it. I got them done up. It's a start.

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