Sunday, 8 July 2012

Biting the boob, ahem, the hand* that feeds.

♩♪♫ sing it with me now.... ♩♪ All night long... all night! All night loooong! ♪♫

Last week we got to sleep through the night. Every beautiful night of the week. Mind you we're still getting up with Penelope at 5am but a night of glorious uninterrupted sleep is what ever parent longs for. 

Until it stops.

I feel like we were conditioned for the wake ups after enduring them for 11 months. And then, once we were home from Europe, the jet lag had her only waking once a night for a week. That was lovely. And manageable.

So today... today I'm a mess. Mostly because I got spoiled from her sleeping through the night for 5 nights in a row. So by the fourth fussy wake up last night, I had a hard time handling it. It was like my body didn't really know what to do at 4am as the screaming from P's nursery got louder. The cries of protest from my nipples replaced hers as I tried to nurse her enough to calm her. 

I hate weaning.

More so, I hate weaning while teething. When she does get a little boob she has decided to channel a snapping turtle. Even through the stern no's and taking boob away from her, she continues to bite me. My right nipple is so sensitive right now I swear I will cry if anyone brushes up against it. Maybe she's just pissed about not getting it when she wants it now. Maybe she's just trying to cut the tooth... it doesn't really matter.

There's a saying about about biting the boob that feeds you right?

It's time. 

Less boob - more vegetables.

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